Publisher's Opinion-

December 2018 Edition
Success=Team ē Team=Success

Some of the greatest success stories include teamwork. Chicago Sportís fans have seen this all so well. Consider the Chicago Bulls winning six Championships and the Blackhawks with three Stanley Cups. Seeing the team work clearly proves the point.
In the present moment, think of the Chicago Bears. A team that has struggled for years often because the management tried to place Superstars in their lineup. Superstars can do it all.......right? Unfortunately, a few high priced superstars having a bad day creates resentment which in turn creates mediocre performance by lower paid team members. That was the past philosophy.
The 2018 Chicago Bears are running as a team and not as a group of people following in the shadows of the overpaid Superstars. As a team, they all become Superstars and that is why they are winning. I write this article right after the Bears beat the number one rated team, the Los Angeles Rams, rather decisively. The team has started to believe they are winners and therefore they are winners. Equally important is that the fans are starting to believe. I went out to dinner that night and almost half the people were wearing something with the Bears on it. There has always been a strong loyalty from the fans but I havenít seen this much excitement for as long as I lived here. (I moved here after 1985).
The point here is that Teamwork is a simple formula to success. This applies to sports teams and to companies as well. Getting all employees on the Teamwork bandwagon needs to be a priority. Do you see resentment or complacency in the people you place your trust in? Do sales people sell one thing, contracts spell out another thing and then employees deliver something totally different? Sounds like it is time to evaluate your companyís performance standards.
The winning team concept is so simple to understand yet so difficult to achieve. Making everyone part of your winning team may be as simple as making everyone celebrate in the success whether they had a small imput or large. Making people believe they are part of a team and not just an employee.
We are now working on our January New Construction issue. If you are in the planning stage with your marketing dollar, donít bench us-make us part of your winning team. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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