Publisher's Opinion-

April 2018 Edition
Your Phone Said What?

Quality property management may be the most important component in keeping a healthy and successful building. Looking within, one of the most important ingredients to a healthy office environment would be proper office management.
That being said, a healthy office must have adequate supplies, working equipment, and a professional staff capable of making it all work.
Maintaining a healthy office includes many aspects but a very important area is the ability to keep up with all the changes we encounter. That could involve the needs from your personnel to the ever changing technology. Peopleís needs can be more basic and predictable but technology can have your head spinning (at least thatís my excuse).
One of the most noticeable changes in the office is the disappearing receptionist. The new phone systems will answer the phone and offer very simple or very complex options depending on the company. Either way, the receptionist is cleared to work in other capacities.
It is this disappearing receptionist that most companies are struggling to adequately gratify their customerís needs. With cell phones, business development professionals are always reachable to existing clients but what about new business? A very important task an office manager should consider performing is to call themselves on their main phone number. How easy is the system to use?
The reason I wanted to write about phone systems is how uncanny most are programmed. It seems around 85 percent of the phones start out by saying, ďPlease listen carfully as our option menus have recently changed.Ē I canít believe everyone changed their phone options at the same time so this becomes more of a waste of time for the caller. Besides, if a caller runs into a new set of call functions, I think most would figure it out. The response, to me anyway, indicates companies set up their system and ignore it for the many years to come.
We are now working on our Financial Directory. This issue will list Commercial, Residential, and SBA Lenders. We also will do a Specialist Directory for companies that provide support services to the lending field. If any of these directories fit your sphere of operation, please give us a call. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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