Publisher's Opinion-

November 2017 Edition
Creating a Culture of Success

How often do we hear companies claim to have the ability to provide the best possible services to their clients because they have the greatest asset – their people. Unfortunately, when you have ten companies in the same industry claiming to have the best employees, these claims are rendered fraudulent. They can’t all make that claim, and proving their superiority can only occur by using them.
I’ve read several magazine articles that included a list of “Top Companies” to work for. Perhaps not very surprising, but certainly worth mentioning, are a few consistent details that employees identified as important to them.
The most common item employees discussed was that they were involved in the decision making process. They were kept in the loop about what needed to be accomplished, they could offer feedback, and when a final decision was made, they had an understanding of why it needed to be that way.
Part of the success this process creates is teamwork among the employees and the supervisors. Basically everyone wins or everyone fails.
Another component of success was making meetings interesting. Have visual aides and snacks. Maybe meet at the local grill, feed everyone, and try to turn a meeting into more of a party. Try to make it fun!
A third item was the sharing of success. Recognizing the people who helped put your firm over the top and maybe throwing in yearly rewards based on achievement. Make it a celebration!
By now you may be asking, “Roger, what does this have to do with real estate?” Glad you asked. Whether you are an architect, general contractor, property manager, or developer, you need to consider how a property can best help your client achieve success. This could include open offices, more windows per employee, top managers being more accessible, or adequate retail close by. A couple of companies I have worked with have bars and entertainment areas in their offices for clients and special employee events. Companies today are competing for top talent and the ergonomics of the property and facility location are critical. Know your clients’ needs.
We are now working on our December Holiday/Hospitality Issue. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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