Publisher's Opinion-

July 2018 Edition
Social Insecurity

Our personal security is continually under attack. Stories of data breaches are almost a weekly thing and it is not small companies being hacked. We are talking of giant corporations and even U. S Governmental agencies.
Consider how many organizations have our social security number. Every credit card company you ever dealt with, financial or retail have it. Every financial institution you use for any type of loan, checking accounts, savings accounts, or investments, have your super not-so-secret number. Utility and telephone companies require it and letís not forget any medical facility we have ever usedĖhave it. Every job you ever held have the number. We could do a whole page on how many governmental agencies have it from Social Security, the IRS, and Medicare.
Speaking of Medicare, did you know a personís social security number is also their account number? Here is another crazy thought. This brilliant government agency prints peopleís social security number right on the card! I understand they are now changing this policy, but this is an example of how careless or thoughtlessness people can be.
When we deal with any company or organization, we almost expect to be asked for the number. In recent years, people have become more aware of the danger with providing their personal information and have become more diligent and question why they are being asked for the number. People used to apply for jobs and include their number on resumes and applications. It is common now for people to withhold their number until they are offered and they accept the job. Only then, they produce the number when they need to provide it on the W-4 withholding form.
Companies claim to have exceptional security with their systems but in reality their programming experts are being continually challenged by hacking experts. I guess the moral of the story here is to always watch your credit statements and be aware of who you share your information with. Be safe out there!
We are now working on our August Building Green / Property Management issue. We will see you then.

by Roger Krieg
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